About us

As a division of Florence Paper Corp., and sister company to CPI Packaging, Marks & Bleed Fine Packaging is dedicated to bringing a fresh approach to bespoke packaging by creating luxury paper bags and boxes with an unsurpassed attention to detail. We work in partnership with client teams to provide fully customizable solutions.

With offices in North America and Asia, we keep a strict focus on quality, ensuring each project is produced to the highest standard. We are committed to sustainability and offer a wide array of eco-friendly products. In accordance to local laws, and consumer demand for more sustainable packaging, we offer various levels of PCW paper, soy and vegetable inks and 100% compostable packaging. Our products are created by ISO certified manufacturing facilities operating with the highest quality and service standards, and our import expertise and experience enables us to most effectively monitor our customer's production for the best possible outcomes.

At Marks & Bleed, We are committed to ensuring that each product we produce is held to the highest standard of quality. Our boutique-like atmosphere and team mentality enables us to handle each client with the top level service they deserve. From the latest embossing techniques to the use of sustainable materials, our expert team is here to help you.